For Current & Aspiring Affiliate Marketers...

Build & Cultivate An Audience Of Raving Fans, Monetize Leveraging High Ticket ($1000+) Offers And Scale Your Affiliate Marketing Business To $10k/m In 6 Months Or Less

A 6 Month Intensive Affiliate Marketing Training & Coaching Program... 

To Start Making A Full-Time Income Online!

In this step-by-step online program, you’ll be trained and coached by a team of elite 6 figure marketers, as they reveal to you the essentials to building a profitable high ticket affiliate marketing business… and help you build & cultivate a group of raving fans using organic marketing so you can start making $1000+ commissions like clockwork.

During this 6 month program, you’ll get insider access to the step-by-step roadmap that we and our students have used to hit their first $10k month online in under 6 months, plus proven tools, scripts, and templates to fast track your business in 2021.

The OVERWHELMED Beginner...

Meet one of our students, Aaron. What he wanted was pretty simple.
To hit the gold standard 10k month and have a business that gave him the freedom he wanted.
Sounds familiar? If you are on this page right now, you probably have similar goals as Aaron did. 
But the chase to 10k was killing him.
He was in the state of what we like to call "The Overwhelmed Beginner".

Lost, stuck and confused with all the information that was thrown at him.

Feeling burnt out from all the late nights he was putting into it. 
What made it worse was seeing ordinary-looking affiliates on social media post extraordinary results.
$1000 days. $10,000 months. Even $10,000 weeks.
Best of all? Not only were they making money, they also get to enjoy their life.
They had the money to travel and visit amazing places.
Meanwhile, Aaron spent every single day hunched over his computer, trying to put all the pieces together.
It was like trying to find the treasure chest.
He knew the treasure chest existed. But, he didn't have a map, or a guide.
0 direction.
You might have the same struggles as Aaron.
Why am I so certain? Because 90% affiliates struggled like Aaron did.
Including us.
In our first 4 months, we were stuck in the "hamster wheel" of making money online.
I bet you know what that's like.
We were jumping from program to program.
Chasing one "shiny object" after another.
each time thinking it would be the last...
...and that it will give us the breakthrough we needed.
But it doesn't work.
By the end of the 4 months, we were 10k in debt, even more overwhelmed than when we started and all we made was $500.
We were flooded with "information" but we didn't have a clue on how to actually scale this to $10k/m
Fast forward 3 months later, we hit our first $10,000 month online and went to do 6 figures+ within our first year.
Right now, you might be probably thinking...
"Evan, slow down for a second. How did you go from $10,000 in debt, to making $10,000 in a single month and then to 6 figures in a single year so quickly?"
If we had to distill it down to one thing, it was
If you want to build a 10k/m business and quit your 9-5 job FAST, you need to have clarity on the action plan to your goals.
and clarity on the most effective & efficient way to execute it.
Aaron needed clarity. So he came to us.
He joined our program - where we train & coach members to their first 10k month.
We got clear on his situation. We removed all the tasks that wasn't making him any money.
And we got him focused only on the needle-moving, income-producing tasks.
Within 1 month, he went from $3k - $4k months to generating over $20k in a single month.
Best of all? He was able to do that while cutting the time he spent by half.
When is the last time you were able to 5x your profits in just 1 month?
And that's just the beginning.
Aaron has banked in five figure commissions consistently in his business and recently crossed the 6 figure mark.
...Now, Aaron is operating in a whole new world. A world we'd like to invite you into today.
After having rapid success in the high ticket affiliate marketing space in our first year, I’ve found that most affiliate marketing courses focus on outdated marketing strategies, get-rich-quick douchey conversion tactics, and relying on one-size-fits-all done for you systems.

So inside the First Five Figure Month Accelerator,

not only will I teach you the latest affiliate marketing strategies and tactics that are working today...

but I’ll also train & coach you through step-by-step how to actually turn this into an actual business that lasts for decades.

4 Ways The First Five Figure Month Accelerator 
Will Short Cut Your Affiliate Success


➜  Say goodbye to low ticket ebooks, supplements and digital products. Discover the highest converting high ticket ($1000+) offers that I’ve used to build a $10k/m business so that you can generate more profits in a shorter time span.
➜  Get an insider look at how we create compelling bonuses for your affiliate offers to 
get your leads begging to buy from you.


➜  Discover how to generate targeted leads for FREE using the power of Facebook organic marketing... no funnels, no email list, no ads.
➜  I’ll walk you through my entire process of how we spot targeted Facebook groups filled with your ideal customer. 


➜  Gain EXCLUSIVE access to a vault filled with proven posts, content templates and formulas so you can create weeks worth of content in a few hours (I continue to update this every single month).
➜  Discover our exact process to turn cold strangers into raving fans of yours that asking to buy from YOUR link and nobody else’s.


➜  Get access to our high ticket closing scripts, templates & actual conversations that we’ve used to create multi five figure months for our business 

➜  By the end of these 4 steps, you’ll have fast tracked your way to your first $10k/mo. and equipped with the real skillsets so you can do it over and over again. 

Hear What Our Student Has To Say...

"These guys have literally 5x the profits in my business with their framework while at the same time allowing me to work much less in my business" 

-  Aaron Szczotkewycz

Here's A Sneak Peak Of The Program...

And How It Works

✔️  6 Month Roadmap To Your First $10k Month

As you can see from above, our program is structured differently. It’s not a typical course filled with information. We organised in a way so that you know what trainings you need to watch, and what you need to focus on in each of the 6 months. This ensures you are not overwhelmed with training and understand what you need to implement every single week. 

✔️  Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls

Along with all the training, you’ll get access to me and my team every single week where I answer any questions you might have, and provide insights on the latest strategies and tactics that has worked for us. This ensures you have all the clarity you need to tackle every single week. 

✔️  Private Accountability Facebook Group

You also get access to our private Facebook group where you can connect with over a hundred of other affiliates just like yourself. Inside this group, you can ask questions, celebrate wins, get feedback and engage with fellow students. We work hard to create a safe space for our students so that they don’t feel like they are alone in this journey.

This is PERFECT for you if...

✔️  You want to stop trading pennies for hours and develop high-income skillsets so that you can turn this into a sustainable 10k/m business.

✔️  You are ​tired of ​selling low ticket e-books, supplements, physical products, courses instead of easy-to-sell $1k+ offers.

✔️  You are looking for a proven and reliable roadmap to turning this side hustle into a full-time business.

✔️​  You are sick of seeing other people's success online that you know you could 've had.

✔️​  You are annoyed by the rising ad costs which cut margins from your affiliate offers, making it nearly impossible to profit

This is NOT for you if...

❌  You are looking to get rich quick (even though a lot of members have crazy results FAST, this not about making a quick buck).
❌  You are looking for some push button DONE-FOR-YOU system.
❌  You are not ready to put some effort to learn and develop REAL high-income skillsets.
❌  You are not prepared to follow step-by-step instructions and take action.

Our Students Have More To Say...!

"I'm going to my office and today is the day when I've given my resignation letter 
so I can QUIT MY JOB!"

-  Mike Rizzitiello

What You'll Get Exactly With This Program!

1. Private Accelerator Only Facebook Group Community

VALUE: $1000

2. Private Weekly Group Coaching Call With Evan & Team (including recordings)

VALUE: $3000

3. First Five Figure Month Implementation Roadmap

VALUE: $1000

4. Instant Access To 40+ Trainings (and counting) on growing a 10k/m biz FAST

VALUE: $2000

5. Access To Our TOP Performing Content Every Single Month

VALUE: $500

6. Access To Our Proven Templates, Resources & Scripts 

VALUE: $1000

7. Exclusive Access To Our Affiliate Family Member's Only Affiliate Program

VALUE: $2000


** 1-On-1 Game Plan Call With Me Or My Team

VALUE: $1000

I want to make sure you kickstart this program in the right way and maximize what you get. So we'll be doing a 1-1 call with you so that you get off to the right start!!

The Value of This Program is OVER $11,000

Heck, we invested over $40,000 of our own money to put all the pieces together. 
But of course, we won’t be charging $40,000. 
You won’t even pay $11,000, $7,000, $5000 or even $3000…
You’re about to get all the training & coaching you need to get your affiliate marketing business up and running to $10k/m - in only 6 months... 

And all you’ll pay for 6 month-access to this step-by-step online program is just $1500.

This one-time investment in yourself is an amount you could easily make back with your very first 1-3 high ticket sale.

All I ask for is your full commitment to show up and complete each module of the program.

Get The First Five Figure Month Accelerator

Once you join, you will immediately get...

✔️  Private Weekly Group Coaching Call With Evan & Team... including recordings! (Value: $3000)
✔️  First Five Figure Month Implementation Roadmap (Value: $1000) 
✔️  Access To 40+ Trainings (and counting) on growing a 10k/m biz fast (Value: $2000 Value)
✔️  Access to our top performing content every single month (Value: $500)
✔️  Access to our proven templates, resources and scripts (Value: $1000)

✔️ Exclusive Access To Our Affiliate Family Member's Only Affiliate Program (Value: $2000) 
✔️  1-on-1 Gameplan Call (Value: $1000)


Save $300 by paying in full today!





Pay only $600 today!

Then just 2 more monthly payments of $600.

 $2,667 x 3 

$600 x 3

🔒 All orders processed on a secure server.

These are just a small handful of our client success stories...
Click To Play The Videos!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I give lifetime access? 
Lifetime access doesn’t make any sense to me unless you are looking to build a $10k/m business for a lifetime. I don’t want to coach you for a lifetime... I want to coach you for 6 months and get you results so you can soar on your own (or you can join our Six Figure Fast Track program so we can help you scale this even further).
What happens after I order? 
Immediately after ordering, you’ll be sent a receipt and confirmation email from our team, giving you all the links to everything you need to get started. 
How is this different than other affiliate marketing courses? 
The First Five Figure Month Accelerator is NOT a course. It's a training & coaching program specifically designed to equip you with the latest affiliate marketing skillsets and tactics that are working today.

You’ll get a step-by-step roadmap, along with a weekly coaching call and private
Facebook group to guide you through every facet of your affiliate marketing business. 
What exactly is high ticket affiliate marketing?
High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is simply selling other people's products or services (usually digital products) that are $1000 or more. These products could be courses, coaching programs, masterminds, virtual events, softwares, etc. 

It allows you to hit your income goals much faster since you need way less sales. And you generate cashflow for yourself much faster since you make higher ticket commissions. This allows you to scale much quicker which boosts your confidence and allows you to transition full-time much faster. 


Save over $300 by paying in full today!





Pay only $600 today!

Then just 2 more monthly payments of $600.

 $2,667 x 3

$600 x 3

🔒 All orders processed on a secure server.



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